Conspiracy Distribution

Released 13.12.2013

Soos Iisch Creme

Released 21.06.2013

Bad Ernest / Broken Promises

Broken Promises is the name for the Bad Ernest debut single. Its a project with a lots of passion, the Singer and his Band gone bring you in to the world of Bad Ernest all we say is life is real.

Released 04.01.2013

Foesum / Futuristic G'z

Futuristic G’z : back to the future

After many classic albums, Foesum is back with a new EP : Futuristic G’z. The seven compositions travel between Electronic, Rap and G-funk. Take a trip through an old school-futuristic universe. The disc is to be enjoyed as a musical experiment.

Futuristic G’z is the fruit of the first-time collaboration of Foesum with the Swiss alchemists of Electric Weed. Musicians of different horizons take part in this experience for an eclectic and audacious result. Each one makes a subtle contribution to this rich musical blend.

Sure of their force, T-Dubb and MnMsta prove their technical mastery and remind who runs the game. In a combination of dark ambiances and festive atmospheres, the two mc’s deliver their experiences with precise and dope lyrics.

Back to the future: Foesum brings the old school up to date. The return of the OG’s cools down the fake MC’s. 


Originally a DJ group called Perfection, Foesum is born in 1986 in Long Beach, California. With different line-ups, the group enjoys a more than twenty years long career filled with high level collaborations. T-Dubb and MnMsta are currently preparing a European tour in 2013.

Now in Stores

Foesum EP Futuristic G'z now available in Stores
Foesum - Think Twice
First Foesum Videoclip of the 2013 EP Futuristic G'z
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